Battle of Gaugamela: The Biggest and Strongest Battle Fought by Alexander

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Jocelyne Jimenez
November 4, 2013
Battle of Gaugamela

Battle Of Gaugamela
The most important war that Alexander fought was Guagemela. It was one of the biggest and strongest battle that alexander was in. Although, alexander did not kill darius at the spot, he chased him all over just to kill him. Guagamela really stands out by the method of fighting they used and the commanders, belligerents, and soldiers who participated in the battle. This battle did have a huge impact because it showed how strong alexander's army was. The cause of the battle is very simple. Alexander wanted to defeat Darius in the battle and complete his conquest over the Persian empire. It was not only for conquest because alexander’s father hated the Persian empire as well. Alexander wanted to fulfill the goal that his father had and attacked Persia as brutally as he could. Alexander’s idea was to kill Darius and take over Persia, which was the cause of the battle of Guatemala The method of fighting is very important because during this era there was nothing like this . Darius chose the battlefield because it was plain and big which allowed chariots to be used and to expand his army as well. Alexander took advantage as well and also expanded his army. Alexander ordered his infantry to march in phalanx formation toward the center of persian line. While that was happening Alexander and his calvary where going to ride all the way to the edge of the right flank. His idea was too grab persian calvary's attention so that they could go to the sides and create a gap in the center. This would allow Alexander to attack Darius as he was positioned in the center. As alexander advanced toward The winner of this battle is Alexander. Darius army is destroyed which means anybody could conquer Persia. As Darius was leaving the battle field he left 4,000 talents, chariots and bow, and his war elephants which Alexander used them as a reward for himself and his army. Darius fled the battle and...
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