Topics: Batman, The Dark Knight, Gotham City Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Eight year after events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act-legislation inspired by the late Harvey Dent –the Gotham City Police Department has nearly eradicated organized crime. Batman has disappeared and Bruce Wayne has become a recluse. Police Commissioner James Gordon fells guilty about the truth; however, he decides that the city is not ready to hear it. While searching for a missing congressman, Gordon is captured and his speech taken by Bane. Gordon is shot during his escape and found by patrol officer John Blake. While recuperating , Gordon promotes Blake to detective, with Blake to detective, with Blake reporting directly to him. Wayne Enterprises is nearly bankrupt after Bruce invested in board member Miranda Tate’s clean energy project, designed to harness fusion power, only to shut it down after discovering the core could be used as a nuclear weapon. Blake-who has deduced Batman’s identity-and Gardon encourage Batman to return, but Alfred Pennyworth resigns after a failed attempt to dissuade him, including informing Bruce that Rachel Dawes had intended to marry Dent before she died . Banes attacks a stock exchange and bankrupts Bruce, using fingerprints cat burglar Selina Kyle stole from Bruce’s safe. Fearing that his business rival, John Daggett-who employed Bane to aid in a hostile takeover-would gain access to the reactor, Bruce asks Tate to take control of Wayne Enterprises. Bane subsequently kills Daggett as he is no longer of use.

Batman asks Selina Kyle to lead him to Band in exchange for a program that will erase her identity from every database on the planet, allowing her to retire. However, Selina actually leads him to a trap; Bane agreed to let her live if she brought him Batman. During the confrontation between Bane and Batman , Bane reveals that he knows Batman’s true identity. He also reveals his intention to steal Wayne Enterprises’ weapon in order to fulfill Ra’s al...
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