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World Myth of Batman

Superheroes of today have evolved due to technology and imagination. One superhero of today that exemplifies characteristics of that of a world myth would be “Batman,” who also is an exception to superheroes of today because he does not possess any superpowers. However, he does possess a divine attribute, which is his vision and drive to achieve his desires. Not only are his characteristics positive but they are also considered a world myth and this is why. In the beginning Batman displays characteristics similar to that of the birth of a hero. Bruce Wayne, who is Batman’s secret identity, is the heir to Wayne Enterprises located in a fictional city named “Gotham.” As a young boy Bruce becomes lost after witnessing the murder of his parents at the hands of a mugger in an alley. He becomes angry at the world for taking his parents from him at an early age and also blames himself for their deaths. Bruce believes that through his actions or inactions he was the reason for his parent’s deaths. After the death of his parents Bruce is raised by his trusted butler and closest confidant Alfred, who is wise but does not know how to help him address his inner demons. As a young man Bruce attempts to avenge his parent’s deaths, after the murder trial, but fails because the killer is shot by an assassin sent by an untouchable crime boss. After the failed attempt his anger and fear reach a climax. He realizes that his future is changed and he would always be cursed by the death of his parents. That is when Bruce begins his quest to fight injustice. Early recognition of a hero is prevalent when Bruce leaves his life of wealth, privilege, and comfort and roams the criminal underworld in hopes to acquire the skills needed that will allow him to return to Gotham and free it from the crime and corruption that threatens to consume it. He becomes a fighter who experiences hunger, pain, and desperation. In prison Bruce finds a...
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