Batkid You Rocked

Topics: Batman, Photography, Superhero Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Batkid You Rocked
A photograph of Batman and Batkid was published on Friday, November 2013 from the Daily News. It is a reflection of San Francisco volunteers, TV crews, and even president Obama getting together with San Francisco’s Make-A-Wish foundation to help a 5-year-old boy fulfill his dream. (Kuruvulla) The little boy named Miles Scott, only 5 years old, already had a large number of audiences cheering on the cancer patient who wanted to be a superhero. He struggled with the illness without any hesitations and he had lot of hopes to be a batkid to rescue the whole world from the devil. No one can say if Miles’ cancer will return, but he never lost his superhero spirit. We all cheered up for his spirit and he inspired the people who have been suffering cancer to be optimistic and to keep their dreams. If the little 5 years old ill boy does not lose his hope, should we have any excuses to lose ours?

The whole photo is with an exciting atmosphere and cheered audiences. The photograph was taken during an event, which was organized by a foundation that helps sick children relieve their pain by fulfilling the children’s wishes. In the event a 5year old boy that had been suffering from leukemia was dresses in Batman costume and assisted in staging mock rescues like his favorite superhero Batman. The photo was taken during a scene where Batman and Batkid had just alighted from Batman’s vehicle. The photo was taken during daytime. The city of San Francisco was going Gotham that day to give Miles the chance to be Batkid for a day. All the people came to help him and cheered for him, including the police, even the president Obama. When San Francisco’s Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Miles what he wanted more than anything in the world, the little guy said, “ I wish to be Batkid.” When he was experiencing cancer, he did not want his life longer. He wanted to be Batkid to save other people. From the photo, all of the audiences were cheering up for the little...
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