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BATA INDIA: The Company was incorporated in the year 1931 as Bata Shoe Company Pvt. Ltd. in Konngar,West Bengal, which was then shifted to Batanagar. Batanagar was the first manufacturing facility in the Indianshoe industry to receive the ISO 9001 certification. The Company went public in 1973. They changed their nameto Bata India Ltd. Over the years, Bata India has established a leadership position in the footwear industry andis easily the most trusted name in branded footwear. The Company has entered into an agreement with BataLtd of Toronto, Canada for supply of technical know-how and services such as Footwear technology and design,brand development, product development, retailing and information systems for a period of ten years fromJanuary 1, 2001. The company bagged the Retailer of the year award for the year 2006 in the footwearcategory as a part of the Reid and Taylor Award for Retail Excellence which was presented during the IndianRetail Summit 2006. Bata was honoured with Most Admired Brand of the year 2006-07 in Footwear category.They have been rated as one of the Top 10 super brands in India and awarded Super Brands Award on April 122007.Bata has entered into the retail segment and is currently has 1250 stores all over India.2. Initial Positioning and Subsequent Repositioning Bata has positioned itself as a one stop family store for all footwear and related products. It has traditionally positioned itself as providing product lines catering to the middle class segment of the society; it has also tried targeting the high class customers. Bata had become a need brand .In terms of the needs, Bata was in a way successful in positioning itself as a brand having stores with products to meet the needs of almost all members of the family, since it had product ranges for children, men, women etc. Till the 1980s, Bata enjoyed an almost monopolistic position in the organized footwear market. It’s simple, yet iconic, brown leather sandals and blue-and-white rubber slippers were instantly recognizable and also are still recognized. Bata was the choice for everyone in the family. Whether it was shoes for the monsoon, school shoes, formal wear or even comfort wear for the elderly, the brand had something for every member in the Indian household. There was a period in the past in India when anyone mentioned shoes or chappals, there would be a single name Bata. It was one of the most popular names after Tata. The brand Bata was household name then. It ruled market as leader till recent years when various national and international brands came up. The Bata shoe lovers were so addicted with Bata for them thinking shoes other than Bata was an unpatriotic act. People wore Bata proudly (Said by Mr. Manmohan Singh). It has also come out with new set of brands like hush puppies, Marie Claire brand offering the latest patent, metallic and ethnic styles in footwear. The recently introduced ladies hand bags have also met with a very good response from the youth. EXAMPLES: Dr. Scholl: Dr. Scholl’s which is positioned well as medicated footwear with a trendy look. These are prescribed by doctors for people having problems in the nerves, diabetics and related diseases. This product was initially brought on prescription but now people are buying it out of their own interest and hence have good growth opportunity. Bata has designed this product in various models giving a better advantage over the local physiotherapy made standard designs."It doesnt matter at all that you make the best shoes in the world if there is no one around to afford them." - Tomas Bata INTERNAL PROCESS

As far as the internal aspects of the firm are concerned Bata is restoring its operations management processes, customer management processes, innovation processes and...
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