Basic First Aid Example

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First aid example only

Get a persons consent before you help the person

use personal protective equipment, plastic bags if u dont have gloves to protect your self Dont do rescue breath just do cpr if u got no protection

Response are you ok can you hear me, can u open your eyes can you blink, can you feel this can you feel

Touch person if u think its safe to do it
Dont touch above shoulders, squeeze shoulders, talk and touch,

Send. For help; phone ambulance
3 conditions they are in , unconscious: life breathing, no response no food no oxygen, brain uses lots of oxygen about 3 or for minutes , hear stopped...brain activity stopped running out of oxygen ......,and bought back to life etc, breathing..... Oxygen to the brain

not breathing

AirwAy check have a look open mouth, clear away obstruction,toungs blockage recovery position to get it out Breathing can u see chest rising, heart attack victim will do along Ahhh Check cest rising do cpr I,mediate ly if not breathing

Look listen feel
Keep on side clear on side
Cycles achieve 5 cycles. Compression , 1/3 compression get oxygen to move along sqUsh heart move blood along Speed is important
Stomia breath thru neck
Mouth to nose

Signs what we see, symptoms how they feel
Temperature, pain, hot or cold bleeding
Have they vomited loss of bowls, smell in breath
Symptom where they feel pain,
Allergies : allergic to gloves
Medication: asthma puffer, epi pen
PAst history
Last time person ate food
Event whAt happen to them

Ice leave ice on for 20 minutes
Elevation reduces gravity slow circulation
Refer to medical

Open or closed fractures
Signs deformity pain

Nose bleed ice pack back of neck lean-forward

Fluids runny nose looks
Running ear let fluid run out
Pupils blow to head large pupil small pupil blow to head ring ambulance immediately

Spinal injury cant move feet or hands, incontinent spinal injury , If...

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