Basic Chemical Manufacturer

Topics: Sodium chloride, Material, Chlorine Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The size of the pharmaceutical market in Pakistan is Rs.101 Billion (USD 1.2 Billion) and it is growing at a rate of about 12 - 15% per annum. There are presently 448 manufacturing units in Pakistan and there are 28 multinational companies operating in the country which have a 50% market share, suggesting that the market is quality-sensitive. Export of pharmaceuticals is limited, presently worth only USD 100 million, and these are destined mainly for African, Central Asian and South-East Asian countries. European, Australian and American markets remain beyond the industry’s reach owing to lack of the requisite manufacturing standards. Amongst the manufactured exports, pharmaceuticals rank seventh but more impressive is their growth which is twice the overall export growth of Pakistan. Basic Chemical manufacturer may be defined as production of drugs and chemical by synthesis, fermentation or extraction from naturally occurring materials of biological or mineral origin. Unfortunately, while the pharmaceutical formulation industry has grown at a relatively rapidly pace, the basic chemical industry in Pakistan has lagged behind. Basic manufacturer is dependent upon a reasonably well-developed petrochemical industry. The Pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is primarily based on import of more than 90% of the basic raw material from different countries including USA, UK, Germany, China & Japan. There are more than 500 Pharmaceutical formulation units in the country with 500 food products and 100 cosmetic industries importing the basic raw material from abroad. Manufacturing of basic drug and basic raw material chemical is very limited in the country. The health care products and pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is largely based on imports. At present, 92 percent of the basic raw materials are estimated to be imported from different countries. The major exporters of these raw materials to Pakistan are USA, UK, Germany, China and Japan. Basic manufacture of...
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