Baseball Magic

Topics: Game, Culture, Player Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: March 9, 2005
Baseball Magic

---> In the article "Baseball Magic" by George Gmelch, it talks about how players and their
rituals they perform before a game. The whole idea is to show how two different cultures, American
Baseball and the Trobriand Islanders both have the same idea. That idea being that if you change
your way of doing something it ultimately ruin you. Keeping things the same will keep your luck
the same.

-----> The article talks about rituals, how Dennis Grossini, a Detroit Tiger pitcher, would do
everything the same on game day. Dennis would wake up at the same time, eat lunch at the same
time, in fact he would eat the same lunch. All this was to win the game, he think that if he lives
everyday the same way he did the day he won. That the out come will always be the same. Some
may think that this is just stupid, but in reality it may work. By touching your hat or shirt, it reline
your hand to where it was when you threw the strike. A ritual for me that in high school before we
went on stage to do a play we would all have to jump up and hit the sign above the backstage door.
-------> The article also talks about taboo, to where players can not say a certain word or it will
break the luck of another player. The one mentioned in the book is when people say "no-hitter"
around the pitcher, it there for makes him throw horrible from then on. In theater people say "break
a leg" instead of good luck. Taboo for me is every time I slam on breaks or almost get in a wreck I
say the words "we're going to die" in hopes that it reverses the out come.
-------> The other thing people use for luck is something like a rabbits foots, a fetish. Some player
request their lucky number to be on their jersey. I carry around a random playing card from a deck
that has a whole in it, someone handed it to me one day and said here, its good luck. I have had it in
my wallet ever since. So, whether its the...
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