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On February 22nd 2013, I had my first bargemusic at Fulton Street pier in Brooklyn. Bargemusic is an old barge that converted into a chamber music hall. It was a great pleasure to have such a terrific concert on a Friday night. The internal of the barge was so classical with aged wall chairs. In the middle of the room is a stage with a piano that was shining when lights were facing above it. A stupendous view of the Manhattan skyline out the glass wall was placed behind the stage which gives a perfect background of the performer. The performer was a piano musician called Olga Vinokur. The convert was officially started at 8:00pm after her short introduction. “Nocturne Op.27, No.2 in D-flat Major”, composed by Frédéric Chopin, attracted me since the performer pressed the first note on the piano. This music was passionate and sexy and displaced dialogue without using any words. It started with slow and soft motions as its exposition, and then it raised the speed up with instable and repeatable notes during the development stage, after that it went back to soft and slowly motion as its recapitulation. This piece reminded me of the theme song of Titanic, which presented a love story behind. Plus, the floating motion of the barge made me felt like part of the story. I found listening to this a worthwhile experience since I haven’t ever been to this kind of concert before. And it was a fantastic beginning to the bargemusic concert of my life. “Scherzo No 4 in E Major”, also written by Frédéric Chopin, was a beautiful piece of music. The rhythm of it was continuously repeated at the beginning and seemed to get faster like a heartbeat by the climax. As the passion of the song heated up, I could tell clearly that the performer added her own feeling into this piece. Plus the night image that created by the lights from lower Manhattan on the background, made this scene unforgettable. The melody of it was happy and bright throughout the rest of the piece....

Cited: * Lesser, Wendy. "Back at Bargemusic." Social Media Today, Jan 23. 2011
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