Barefoot in the Park

Topics: Love, Romance, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (924 words) Published: December 12, 2013
In the expression “falling in love” people say that the use of the word “falling” is because there isn’t an easy and safe way to love, rather it is messy, complicated and full of action. Ideally, one would believe that two people who share identical characteristics, likes and dislikes would be best suited for a romantic relationship, however the common phrase is that “opposites attract”. A relationship between two people with conflicting values can be difficult to hold, however it is very possible for these to be the relationships that evolve into something precious. Barefoot in the Park, by Neil Simon, follows newlyweds Corie and Paul while the play Play it Again, Sam shows the couple of Dick and Linda who have been married for some time. Both of these couples involved career driven men who eventually neglect the impulsive whims of their wives which later leads to panic and disorder in their relationships. By the end of each play, we learn that there for a relationship to work, there needs to be a give-and-take in which each individual sacrifices and appreciates the other. The nature of love is proven to be based on a balance of the pragmatic and romantic sides to a relationship. Barefoot in the Park follows the story of newlyweds who are exiting their “honeymoon period” and now entering the real world. In the beginning they tease one another about each other’s flaws and unwillingness to bend, but later that is what proves to be their greatest trial. Paul is a career driven young lawyer who is a bit reserved but has a taste for more conventional things in his life. His wife, Corie, is an impulsive, passionate women who does what she wants on random whims. From Paul and Corie we begin to see how in a relationship you must be flexible and willing to participate in the others routine of life. For these two, a major point in their relationship is when Corie chooses to run barefoot through a park in the winter. This argument led Corie to point out “that’s very...
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