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Barclays Capital is a very successful global investment bank with a long positive history as well as very strong annual revenues and shareholder equities. Barclays Capital specialises in fixed income, foreign exchange, wealth management, private equities and in other financial areas. I am attracted to Barclays because of its historical loyalty to its customers and its shareholders. It is a bank which strives on creating best value to corporate and individual customers. I would like to join to join your success story and positively contribute to the bank.

Barclays Capital is wholeheartedly committed to valuing diversity and to attracting and retaining the most qualified employees regardless of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or disability. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of our diversity policy and to track progress, we would like to analyse the diversity of our applicant pool against our entry population. To do this we need demographic information from you.

The information that you provide will be used for monitoring purposes only. The data collected may be processed in a number of the firm’s offices around the world and will be communicated to those within the firm who are responsible for the collection and analysis of statistical data. In submitting the information requested you consent to the holding and processing both electronically and manually of the information for the purposes set out above by Barclays Capital and any other company in the Barclays group and to the transfer, storage and processing by Barclays Capital of such data outside the European Economic Area, and in particular to and in the United States and any other country in which Barclays Capital has offices.

We understand that in some areas of the world it may not be customary for employers to request this information. If you are in anyway uncomfortable providing this information, please indicate your decision not to...
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