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Barack Obama Debate

Hello colleagues, I am Barack Obama. I would like you thank you all, if you voted for me as President of the United States of America for a second term.    
Right, well you’re probably thinking why should I vote for him when my best friend Thor is in there too? Do you really want to know why you should vote for me?  
Because I am the voice, the person that can get YOU heard when you need to be heard most. I SHOULD stay in the balloon. I’m sure you’ve heard my captivating quote but if you haven’t here it is, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”  

Well I bet you’re thinking what does that mean? Or why do I care about this one man and his politics? But you can REALLY make a difference to this world. How can I make a difference?

I’m in the real world, I know how to deal with the real issues. I was voted as President because they think I can make a change no one else can. I am from America the largest democratic country in the world. Our country has to protect the children, which are the many other countries that are suffering. Our country has the resources to make a difference and sort out the real issues we have to deal with now before it gets too late. As many people say “there is no I in team” and we have to work together as a team to make a difference.

Thor is a God, he is not real. Mickey mouse is a fictional character, did he ever have problems? Did he have to look after Christopher Robin or Eeyore when they were ill no? Because in that magical forest of theirs only good things happen. Montgolfier is historical he is not in the real world with real issues like we are now. 

I am real and I am here to help with poverty, disease and war, if WE work together we can make it all disappear. If you had to choose between missiles for war or a cure to cancer that is killing more people that any war could kill, which would...
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