'Banting' movie film review

Topics: Film, Film criticism, Professional wrestling Pages: 4 (733 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Fathul Hanif 1301234I
Film Review

Movie: Banting
Director: M. Raihan Halim
Distributed By: Papahan Films
Cast: Izyan Mellyna Ishak, Mastura Ahmad, Fauzie Laily, Osman Zailani, Jimmy Taenaka
Words: 649

A truly entertaining film for the masses, M. Raihan Halim’s ‘Banding’ makes its way into the local big screens, taking theatres by storm. Released in October 2014, ‘Banding’ was set to rock the local cinemas as the first Singapore Malay film since the 1970’s. ’Banting’ is one the eight films selected by the Singapore Film Commission for the New Talent Feature Grant in November 2012. Written and Directed by award-winning writer/director, M. Raihan Halim, the story centres around Yasmin (Izyan Mellyna Ishak), a teenage Muslim girl who finds her passion for professional wrestling. Raised in a strict household, under the watchful eye of her conservative mother, Halimah (Masturah Ahmad), Yasmin faces a dilemma when her mother restricts her from watching a wrestling match, let alone, pursue a career in the professional wrestling industry.

After having to write an essay for a university scholarship, Yasmin immediately confides in her best friend, Zaidy (Fauzie Laily), who fully supports her in her decisions and at times challenges it as well.

BCM2006 Film Theory & Criticism
AY2014/2015 October Semester


Fathul Hanif 1301234I
Film Review

In the movie, she reads the headline news of the local newspaper stating that France is disallowing women wearing hijab to play soccer. This could be in reference to our modern society discriminating women wearing a hijab. The news angers her and that was when Zaidy implanted the idea in her to write her scholarship essay on such discriminations. Having a strong passion to break the discrimination that “women who wear hijabs can’t do as much as any other women”, she decides take take a step further and enrol in a professional wrestling club, a sport that she has always been a fan of since young, simply to...
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