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Who is Banksy? That is what everybody has been asking each other for the last couple of years. Although he is quite famous nobody knows much about him. All we know is his real name might be Robert Banks or Robin Gunningham and he was born in Bristol. Some sources say the well known but anonymous graffiti artist was expelled from school and some says he left school at 16 .Some even say he was trained to be a butcher but they are all rumours. What makes him really unique is as Brad Pitt says "He does all this and he stays anonymous. I think that's great. These days everyone is trying to be famous. But he has anonymity”

Banksy’s street graffiti career began aged 14. He started as a free hander but, unable to draw fast enough to evade the police, he was arrested several times, so he switched to stencilling. In his book Wall And Piece, he said: 'When I was 18, I spent one night trying to paint late again in big silver bubble letters on the side of a passenger train. British Transport Police showed up and I got ripped to shreds running away through a thorny bush. The rest of my mates made it to the car and disappeared so I spent over an hour hidden under a dumper truck with engine oil leaking all over me.

“As I lay there listening to the cops on the tracks, I realised I had to cut my painting time in half or give up altogether. I was staring straight up at the stencilled plate on the bottom of a fuel tank when I realised I could just copy that style and make each letter 3ft high.”

“I got home at last and crawled into bed next to my girlfriend. I told her I'd had an epiphany that night and she told me to stop taking that drug 'cos it's bad for your heart”

Banksy’s graffities are anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment with a twisted sense of humour and because of his unique sense of humour he can make these so called “boring “ issues really interesting.
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