Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee and Its Activities

Topics: Poverty, Microfinance, Africa Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Case Solution of Harvard business school about BRAC (Formerly known as Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee) By
Tuba Javeed
The organization started its journey from rehabilitation of refugees in Bangladesh by help of a small team. It was aimed to develop self-reliance among the poor people by reducing poverty and empowering them. Now, BRAC is serving in diverse areas related to social progress. BRAC’s development activities consists of: the BRAC Development Program (BDP); the BRAC Education Program (BEP); and the Health, Nutrition, and Population Program (HNPP). moreover BRAC support systems include BRAC Training Division (BTD), Research and Evaluation Division (RED) which are doing different training and research projects with govt, World BAnk ,UNICEF and other NGOs.

BRAC is not only serving throughout Bangladesh but also expanding its operations to other countries. BRAC believes in holistic approach to problem solving and follow some basic principles which are considered as crucial elements of BRAC's success. these includes provision of opportunities to poor, social awareness, participation, discussion and creativity at all levels, change in national system and policies to gain sustainability, giving importance to women and their core issues, entrepreneur spirit etc. BRAC believes that there is no one fix-all approach to poverty, and if any program is giving benefits it must be quickly expanded to other areas of country. Remarkable progress was seen until 2003 in BRAC. A lot of new programs were also initiated. BRAC brand was popular in Bangladesh but at that time were unknown outside the country. Grameen Bank was in competition with BRAC. Effective management was key to success for BRAC. Other success factor that were ingrained in organizational culture includes: participative management, decentralization, entrepreneurial spirit, consistent and visionary leadership combined with a democratic organizational environment, and a shared set of core...
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