Health Policy of Bangladesh

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ASSIGNMENT on Heath Policy of Bangladesh, its Success and Failure in Urban Area


Former Secretary
Government of Bangladesh
Adjunct Faculty
Dept. of Development Studies
University of Dhaka
SUBMITTED BY: Alif Md Rezwanul Hoque
ROLL-14 DATE: 05. 12.2010 Contents
ASSIGNMENT on Heath Policy of Bangladesh, its Success and Failure in Urban Area1
Contents :2
Bangladesh Health Policy:7
Rural-urban Disparity in Health Indicators17
Health Policy and disparity in Rural and Urban Health Service: A Mobile Survey in Bogra Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital:18
Health Infrastructure of Bogra Town24


Acronym| | Full Name|
BBS| | Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics|
(MDG)| | Millennium Development Goal.|
SZRMCH| | Shaid Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital.|
DGHS| | Directorate General of Health Services|
EPI| | Expanded Programme of Immunisation|
ESP| | Essential Service Package|
GOB| | Government of Bangladesh|
HPSS| | Health and Population Sector Programme|
HPSP| | Health and Population Sector Programme|
HNPSP| | Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme| IEC| | Information Education and Communication|
IMED| | Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division| IMR| | Infant Mortality Rate|
MMR| | Maternal Mortality Rate|
MCH| | Maternal and Child Health|
MTR| | Mid Term Review|
NGO| | Non-Governmental Organization|
SWAp| | Sector Wide Approach|
TFR| | Total Fertility Rate|
U5MR| | Under-5 Mortality Rate|


o acknowledge, firstly I want to thank my course teacher Dr. Mahfuzul Haque, Adjunct Faculty of Department of Development Studies, Former Sectary of GOB, who given me the chance to take this topic, and always beside me to complete the assignment. I am really grateful to him as he wrote a letter for me and because of which I am able to get the access of Doctor. Abdul Hoque, Civil Surgeon of Bogra. Then my thanks go to Mr. Abdul Hoque, Civil Surgeon of Bogra as he gives me a chance to talk with him from his valuable time. There I met Dr. Alamgir, lecturer of Bogra Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College I also grateful to him as he also took part in that discussion. Then my thanks go to my uncle Dr. Md. Solaiman, Radiologist, Mohammad Ali Hospital who personally helps me to do the whole thing. And at last I want to show my gratitude to my school mate Shirajum Munira Shakhi, student of 3rd year in Bogra Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College as she was always with me, and helped me to get the all information which are available.


rom the evolution of Bangladesh (after independence) there under taken various policy and strategy in health sector. Some of them are being able to show a tremendous progress where others are not. This country as well as its health sector doing well though there are various problem like political instability, economic scarcity and so on. Here I try to analyze all the policy, its success and failure. Actually Bangladesh’s health system is the outcome of many policy shifts and changes. With the passage of time there introduced new policy and most surprisingly with that policy health sector was able to do well. In 2000 our National Health Policy was taken, before that the healthcare system had been running under the guidance of the long-term Five Year Plans. But in 2000’s policy we tried to centralized all our plans and policies. We try to make a rhythm in the...

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7. Gazette of Bogra District.
[ 2 ]. Further information’s are in the discussion part with civil surgeon.
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