Bandwidth and High Speed Internet

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After reading the case study of Guardian Life’s data center consolidation, there are a few elements that are worthy of discussion; the first is bandwidth and high-speed communication, the second is cloud computing as a consolidation option, and third, mobile or “pod” datacenters as consolidation options. Bandwidth and high-speed communication

Any large data centric organization/business is going to rely heavily on high-speed communication and the bandwidth within the network. In order to understand that last sentence, it is important to define these terms; bandwidth is, “the volume of information per unit of time that a transmission medium (like an Internet connection) can handle” (Fisher, n.d.). In layman’s terms, the more Internet you use over your network, the slower it may become. For instance, while at home streaming a movie over Netflix, it may become “bogged down” if my wife is downloading something at the same time. The amount of data able to be transmitted over a network at the same time is limited.

High-speed communication, to me, is referring to the high-speed Internet required to access large amounts of data almost instantaneously. As everything transitions from paper to digital records, the need for mass digital storage is becoming a must. However, for large organizations, they have offices that spread across the globe; they require access to these digital documents at any moment without notice.

In an organization that wants to consolidate, having significant bandwidth and high-speed communication is a must. Since the data centers are going to consolidate, the new data center must be able to support the excess traffic it will receive when the other data centers close down. The data center must support the hundereds of users logged into it at the same time, and the data transfer must remain as fast as if there was only one person downloading at that moment. This is why bandwidth and high speed communication is important to an...

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