Banana Peel as a Potential Methane Gas

Topics: Banana, Coal, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: October 4, 2012
To recycle is the new trend in our society now a-days. Even foods are being transformed into a new object so that it wouldn’t just go to waste. A large amount of our population in the present time is experiencing the effects of poverty as well in shortage. A group of researchers, observed this common problem in the society. The researchers wanted to unveil an experiment that was long forgotten by the society. The study is about methane gas that was produced by using a raw product, Banana peels. The researchers discussed this experiment because the researchers observed that many people are complaining to the government about the price hike of the gasses. The researcher’s objective is to strengthen this study and to give the readers some new information about the study. One of the researchers experienced an event that is related to the study. She was investigating a study in her 3rd year class, about water hyacinth as a potential biofuel gas. She had finished the project but she failed to test it. So now, she said to her co- researchers that she will continue her investigation but in a new raw material and that’s Banana peel. One question is occupying the minds of the researchers, “Will this study succeed?” But being an optimistic group, they found their way to work on this study. The researchers goal is to succeed and spread the news to the society. Background of the study

Banana is one of the most sold products in the whole world. In America there is a company that sells only banana and they are said to be one of the biggest contributors of banana in the whole world. Banana has many vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Protein. Banana is a common name for Herbaceous Plants. Mostly of Banana’s are found in the parts of South East Asia and South Asia. Banana Fruit can be divided into three types : The Parthenocarpic, which is the edible one and the other two are Musa Acuminata and Musa Balbisiana, this two are the wild bananas. Bananas are rich...
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