Baillieu Library

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The newly refurnished Baillieu library is open daily from 8.30am – 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 8.30am – 6pm on Fridays and 11am – 5pm on the weekends for public access. The extensive collections are used to support the study and teachings of arts, humanities and socials sciences for undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and researchers.

Provided with access to lifts, library users are free to explore on 5 floor levels. Like any other developed library, for libraries such as the Baillieu in regards to its range, navigation becomes a problem. This is where an online catalogue and Discovery search functions have been provided. The online catalogue allows users to effectively seek out records of most physical items held by the library as well as electronic books and electronic journal titles held by the library. Discovery is an additional tool used to index individual electronic hours or periodical articles as well as search within an electronic database or electronic journal for specific content. The library supports loans, computer bookings, print, scan and photocopy, research consultations, IT support and disability support services.

High-use and library-use items are only up for borrowing and this can be done using a student card. Jobs at the library include pages, who are usually responsible for maintaining order with the resources; library assistants, who processes borrows and returns, deals with costumer service and librarians, who assist with homework, research questions, makes sure the library is updated.

The Baillieu Library is said to be a place to study, a place to collaborate, a place to learn. With services such as Room Bookings, computer bookings, research consultations, IT support services as well as extensive quiet study areas, the Baillieu Library makes it so.

Resources related to my research are in both electronic and hardcopy forms with books and films being offered.

The Humanities collection is relatively easy to find....
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