Topics: Badminton, Game, Physical education Pages: 3 (195 words) Published: January 5, 2015
Name:Austin Julyanna M. Guerra
Date:September 22 2014
My favorite sport is badminton,because badmin-ton is my hobby every sembreak or tradisyonal games. Badminton is a game with rackets in which a shuttle-
cock is played back and forth across a net.

The badminton equipments are badminton racket,shuttlecock,badminton string,badminton shoes and badminton accessory.The main equipments are 1.the racket(two to four) 2.the shuttlecock(birdie)

3.a badminton court 4.a badminton net(can be self-
Made with proper usage of tape).The rules of badminton are very important 1.toss 2.scoring system 3.change of ends,the rules of badminton-singles 1.ser-
ving and receiving courts 2.scoring and seving,rules of
badminton–doubles 1.order of play and position on
court 2.scoring and serving 3.service court errors
4.faults 5.let’s 6.shuttle not in play 7.continuous play,
Misconduct,penalties 8.officials and appeals.The equip-
ments and rules of badminton.

Badminton is great for physical activity,and it
is an activity that you can use for a lifetime.Physical
activity is a major aspect of living a health life,that is
the main goal of physical education.
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