Bad Business Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, McDonald's Pages: 2 (1011 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Mc Donald's: Current Ethical Issue in Business Victor Diaz, India Larondos, Daira Serna, & Leonard VassellPHL/323October 28, 2014Professor: R. AnthonyMc Donald's: Current Ethical Issue in Business Raking in 1.5 billion dollars in the third quarter of last year came with ease for McDonald’s as it triumphs the 1.2 billion dollars that taxpayers are kicking out each year to help pay for public assistance CITATION Str13 \l 1033 (Strachan, 2013). Despite McDonald's global success, it remains a target to the public because it is perceived by the public as having bad business ethics as it relates to its relationships with its employees CITATION NNa14 \l 1033 (Nayab, 2014). McDonald's treating all of their staff horribly; this includes the farm workers, cashiers, truck drivers, and even the fry person. McDonald’s farmers get little to no benefits alongside being underpaid; they work illegal amounts of labor hours, not to mention that oftentimes they work in unsanitary and unhealthy conditions. McDonald’s store employees are all unhappy with the treatment of their employer, and they have held boycotts, protests, and have gone to higher authorities because of McDonald's unethical actions. McDonald's makes too much money to mistreat their employees but because McDonald's business takes president over ethics, McDonald's failed to realize that they could make more money with happy employees. The gory truth behind McDonald's smiling faces and warm fuzzy feeling is sickening. McDonald's is known for its delicious foods but behind the scenes it is also one of the world's largest and cruelest slaughter houses. McDonald's farms are not bad only for the animals but for the farmers as well. Farmers are forced to work in unsanitary conditions. They live with cow feces outside of their bedroom windows. Not to mention, the health factors involved. Working around countless of livestock that often get sick makes a worker easily susceptible to illness. The farmers work hard for...

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