Consumer Protection - Super Size Me

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Consumer Protection Paper – Super Size Me

Based on our group discussion, we came into a conclusion that Consumer Protection are made to ensure fair transactions and along with that are truthful information’s in the marketplace. This is advantageous especially consumers, so that they would not fall into the traps of businesses that will not do them any good. This is also to save them from businesses that are engaged in fraud or any unfair practices that the company does. The four basic rights that consumers have are: The right to choose; the right to safety; the right to be informed; and the right to be heard.

In the movie “Super Size Me”, McDonald’s was being highlighted since their products that the consumers buy, turns out to be unhealthy and might cause problems to the health of the person in the long run. After watching the film, I was sure that the main objective of McDonald’s was just to generate profit, neglecting the safety of its consumers and they lack giving nutritional information of their products to their customers. To give a concrete example, McDonald’s would offer consumers to upgrade to super size just by adding a few dollars to the bill. In doing this, they ignored consumer rights since they do not inform their consumer that by upgrading, they will be already consuming half of their daily calories just by eating fries. Therefore we can say that McDonald’s does not really care about the health of its consumers, but what they are more concerned about is gaining profit.

In order for McDonald’s to comply with the Consumer Protection/Right Laws, they should execute a more effective way of informing others about the nutritional facts of their product. By doing so, the consumers are made aware about the calories they are taking to prevent health diseases. In my opinion, an effective way of informing consumers about the nutritional facts of their product is by putting a nutritional facts label in the wrappers of the products that McDonald’s...
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