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Political Environment of Bangladesh:

The political system of Bangladesh is followed by representative democracy. Despite being a democratic country the safeguards of democracy are not being exercised properly which have negative impact on business operation. Political unrest is almost a daily occurrence in Bangladesh which hinders the daily national and international trading system of the country. Foreign firms are feared to come in Bangladesh with FDI. Bangladesh is a democratic country in name but not in action. The following biased democracy safeguards are some of the main hindrances of international business in Bangladesh. Individual right to freedom of expression, opinion and organization are restricted. Media are more or less biased to the current government.

There is more or less regular election sometimes major parties avoid election. There are often face to face clashes among the leading political parties. Despite being the court system is independent most of the times its functions are directed by current government. Corrupted political state bureaucracy

Corrupted political police and armed force.
This situation does not support entrepreneurship that’s why it can not make a man innovative. That’s why local business can not be strong. To be competitive in international business such political system and government is failing to make local business more efficient and more effective. That’s why Bangladesh is lagging behind in international business competition.

Since that time Bangladesh is facing huge challenges, including a political and economic, serious poverty problems as one of the world's poorest countries, annual floods on its low-lying coasts, power shortages and rampant corruption. However, some recent political and economic developments are encouraging. The economy grew 6.5% during the 2007 fiscal year, following a growth rate of 6.6% in 2006. According to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report...
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