Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Graphic design Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Ayhan Satiji
Reading and Writing 3
Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising – Rough Draft

Negative and Positive Sides of Advertising
Advertising is a form of marketing communication that shareholder wants to reassure and impress consumers by using several methods, such as political or ideological. This is a fundamental purpose of advertisers to persuade buyers that a company or product is an available or acceptable. However, a today’s marketplace it is complicated to stand out and affect purchaser because of similar services and almost same advertising. This article will discuss both positive and negative sides of advertising in order come to a proper conclusion. One of the main advantages of advertising is that advertising can easily transmit information of new products to consumers. For instance, if consumers are willing to buy a product, they first try to explore about features of goods and its availability. Nowadays, we have different methods of advertising such as TV, internet or billboard advertising. When consumers see any kind of advertising on TV, internet or billboard, it catches their interest, and they want to buy the product. However, their selection is mostly based on creativeness of advertisement. In other words, advertising is a communication whose aim is to inform potential purchasers about diversity of products and services and certain ways to obtain or use them. Another significant point is that advertisement helps consumers to differentiate products. For example, if consumers want to buy a computer, they will do research to get the best one or the one which suits their interest better. Such kind of advertisement provides a detailed information on the functions of different models of products or services. To sum up, we can show increasing the usage of a certain product and brand recognition, to make available feedback from consumers regarding a certain product. In contrast, advertisement has disadvantages as well....
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