Ayala Museum

Topics: Philippines, Southeast Asia, People Power Revolution Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: July 9, 2013
xtreme "Eye-Gasms" More fun In The Philippines!
On September 9, 2012, me and my mom went to the Ayala Museum. the guards greeted us with a smile and the lady at the front desk was very helpful in describing what we are to find in the four floors of the building.The building was minimal. so you can say that it was easier to appreciate the collections. since i came from an arts high school, i can say that I love going to museums. i keep on having “eye-gasms” on all the “eye candies” on display! may it be pots/ gold/ paintings/ dioramas. Truth be told, I have been to The Ayala Museum before. But it always feels like the first time.

*I got no original pictures for this post because It's not allowed to take pictures inside the museum (more like FORBIDDEN because the guard had to tell me 3 times! and I was like...wth?! I'm not deaf! and I'm not even taking out my camera from my bag!). But t'was all good. you should visit the museum to experience the "eye-gasm"!*

**i do not own the photos on this post.**

Now... about the Museum...

we started with the fourth floor where old ceramics are on display. A lot of which were from China. Some were from other neighboring countries. All were traded to the Philippines. It showed a millennium of contact way before the Spanish occupation. Chinese and Southeast Asian ceramics found in the Philippines tell the story of how the country forged social and commercial ties with China and its neighbors. This display of more than 500 ceramics provides one of the most comprehensive surveys of Chinese and Southeast Asian trade wares found in the Philippines, spanning a thousand years. These trade ceramics are not only a feast for the eyes, but their origins and the periods in which they were produced also provide important data about the past. As proof of the lively trade that occurred between China and Southeast Asia, these pieces continue to play an important role in the understanding of Philippine history. On the same...
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