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Automobile and Buses Urgency

By sharmilanhmlt Dec 04, 2013 283 Words
in front of my school is a narrow one . very busy place . Every afternoon when school finished roads become more crowded and full of kids, bicycles , cars and buses urgency and struggle to use it . Sometimes a policeman there to help solve the problem of traffic congestion , because congestion chaos, we should be careful not to get involved in an accident .

Several accidents have occurred . I was a witness to one.

In the event only after school . As usual path utter bedlam . Children walking on the road to get to their cars and buses . Cars and buses honking mad at them.

Just then I saw a young man making a dash across the street . There are loud horns blare , a brake squeal and I saw a car knocked into the boy. He fell as if his feet were swept from under him .

Fortunately the car was not moving very fast and the driver managed to stop the car before the wheels can hit the boy fell .

All traffic stops. I ran to the boy and saw blood on the road. He was bleeding from a wound on his head. A guy came and inspected the boy. Then he lifted the boy is brought to the car . They accelerate , perhaps to the hospital.

Many people surrounded the driver looks in anger and stared . A policeman came to calm things down.

Like there was nothing I could do , I turned and walked down the street carefully. It is terrible to witness the accident. I certainly do not want to be involved in one.

suddenly I heard a sound like the call I '' boy! quickly get up ' I just think it is a nightmare.

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