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automated mapping system

By DaniellePearlPepito Feb 26, 2015 1580 Words
A map is a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions, and themes. Maps are among the oldest forms of graphical communication, and are the most effective and efficient means for transfer of geographical information. Different types of maps were developed independently in different cultures and times. For thousands of years these were used in many aspects of peoples’ lives: in navigation, education, trade and the military. Evolution of maps are slow, from cartography which is the drawings, to the 20th century maps which is the automated maps or the more advanced map, the 3D maps. Information is that which informs, an answer to a question, as well as that from which knowledge and data can be derived. As it regards data, the existence of an information is not necessarily coupled to an observer, while in the case of knowledge, information requires a cognitive observer. The automated information and mapping system is a visualization tool to help the process of navigating from a certain place to another, and provide information needed by the user. The importance of this tool is to decrease the possibility of inconvenience and to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the resources in providing information and navigation guide.

A school is considered as the “second home” of children. Koronadal National Comprehensive High School also known as KNCHS is a prominent public high school located in Koronadal City. It is one of the most competitive high schools in Koronadal city, in the province of South Cotabato and even in the whole SOCSARGEN area. It is a school with a large number of enrollees, covering around 6716 students and 281 faculty and staff as of 2014. It was established in 1947 occupying a dense cogonal area of 79,000 square meters with all the greeneries of shrubs and shade trees as its landscape.

Automated mapping defines as a computerized representation of an area. It is a graphic symbolic depiction of the significant features. In relation to this, navigating and locating of places and offices are the main goals in developing the automated information and mapping system. Automated information and mapping system of KNCHS is a visual representation of the classrooms, offices, landmarks and other places in the campus. Through this automated mapping, it can search places within the school premises and it also includes the directions needed by the beneficiaries.

Project Context
This study entitled “KNCHS-AIMS (Automated Information and Mapping System)” is a software development project focused on the improvement and implementation of a computerized system that will automate the information and map navigation in the campus. This project starts on February 2015 and is expected to be finished by the end of October 2015. Computerization and the continuous advancement in technology help in creating an easier, faster and more accurate everyday transactions and activities. This project is intended to help Koronadal National Comprehensive High School (KNCHS) especially the visitors and the new students to navigate in the campus more conveniently and accurately. The proponents believed that by developing this kind of software, it will be a big help in navigating the vast area of the school which is 79,000 square meters to be exact. Visitors and new students will have an easier way of finding locations that they needed. Through this project, the proponents aim to eliminate the wasting of time and long process of finding or navigating places within the wide range of the campus places. Aside from the help in navigation, the system also aims to provide important information that the people who will access the system may need such as the history of the school, name of school officials, name of teachers, etc. The proponents of this project recommend the use of Software Engineering techniques to come up with the desired software and hardware, requirements and specification. A descriptive method of research will be used by the proponents for this project. It is used to obtain information concerning current status of the phenomena to describe “what exists” with respect to variables or conditions in a situation. This research is also described as any study that is not truly experimental. A survey will be conducted to gather information and feedback of the respondents, and the necessary statistical treatment will be used to analyze the data. This research design will help the researchers in determining the effectiveness of the proposed KNCHS-AIMS.

Statement of the Problem
Some high schools always use the traditional procedure of navigating using the printed version of the map. The manual finding of directions, places, and getting information are the general problem encountered by the school visitors and new students. The students, faculty and staff, and visitors need to go directly to the bulletin board to look for the information. Moreover, beneficiaries will go to the map located at the bulletin board to look for the direction. This project entitled “KNCHS Automated Information and Mapping System (AIMS)”, is focused on the automation of giving important information about the school places and navigating in different places within the campus. This study specifically sought to answer the following questions: 1. Is the current manual information and navigation guide of KNCHS effective in terms of: a. speed;

b. accuracy;
c. and accessibility?
2. Is the proposed KNCHS Automated Information and Mapping System effective in terms of: a. speed;
b. accuracy;
c. and accessibility?
3. Is the proposed KNCHS Automated Information and Mapping System an effective tool in providing information and navigation guide to the end users?

This project entitled “KNCHS Automated Information and Mapping System (AIMS)” intends to develop and implement an automated information and mapping system to relieve the visitors, students and, faculty and staff in navigating in different places and have an easier access on the important information regarding the school places. Specifically, this project aims to:

a) Determine the feasibility of implementing an Automated Information and mapping system for Koronadal Comprehensive National High School (KNCHS). b) Develop an automated system that the system requirements or system specifications are based on the needs of the client and users. c) Create an interface that will provide an accurate information and convenience to the users. d) Develop an automated system that can automate the navigating process of the users that is capable of providing an accurate information in a fastest and most convenient way. e) Improve the current system and lessen the demand of man power by utilizing quality and technology trends services.

Purpose and Description
This project entitled “KNCHS-Automated Information and Mapping System (AIMS)” is intended to enhance the performance of the school on giving an accessible and accurate information and navigation guide using the automated mapping system. This project aims to develop the current manual mapping system which the school is using into a more convenient and user friendly system. The system is capable in providing important information and it lessens the time consumed in navigating places in the campus. An automated information and mapping system for Koronadal National Comprehensive High School will provide an improvement on how students, faculty, staff, and visitors will navigate in places around the campus and find information about the school. The study will be a great help to the following: •Faculty and Staff

This project would be an aid to the concerns of time consumed in navigating within the campus. It will also lessen the burden of answering queries of visitors and new students on where to find information and places around the campus. The Faculty and staff would be essential participants in the development of the requirements. •Students

An Automated Information and Mapping System will help the students in finding information about the campus. It will also provide them navigation guide around the school. The students would be involved in providing the proponents an essential data to be used and for the integration of the system. Visitors

This project will relieve the concerns of the visitors in terms of inconvenient way of navigating in the campus and lack of basic information/resources needed in accessing different places in the campus. The visitors therefore are the fundamental participants for the integration of the system that can help them to access to different places hassle free and accurately. Future Researchers

This project may serve as a foundation in the future research studies. The future researchers can use this as a basis of their own study and for the future development.

Scope and Limitations
This project entitled “KNCHS Automated Information and Mapping System (AIMS)” is for the use of Koronadal National Comprehensive High School. It will only provide basic information about the school. The proposed mapping system will only provide navigation guide around the campus of KNCHS. It will not include information and navigation guide outside the school. The proposed system will not contain complete information regarding the school specifically names of teachers and staff, and their classroom assignments. When the system is implemented, the assigned administrator will be the one in-charge in adding, editing and deleting this important information to assure the accuracy of the system. He/she will be designated by the school administrators. The system will not include a point-to-point or place-to-place navigation guide. It will only provide navigation from the point of access of the system to the location where the user wants to go. Using LAN, the system will be edited/updated. The system is not accessible online. Also, it cannot provide reports or printed copy of information.

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