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Automated Election: Key to Lesser Suffrage Fraudulence?

By Junpaw1 Jan 16, 2013 264 Words
This document is an overview of a system that can be implemented for automating the electoral process. The purpose of the document is to provide the reader with an understanding of the benefits that an automated election system can deliver with a glance into the underlying architecture of the system and examples of experience of governments that have used these systems in the past.

This is the computerization of election process. It's where people used a specialized computer to vote their candidate instead of the usual ballot boxes where people cast their votes by way of writing on the ballot. This process provides much more efficiency and reliability than the conventional way of voting. This method is faster and can give out result of the election in a matter of days instead of the secret balloting where it will take weeks or even months before a result could be presented to the public.

The purpose of an Automated Election System is to deliver state-of-the-art technology that is both efficient, allowing electoral authorities to utilize the benefits of a computerized system and also practical, maintaining the basic principles that the voters and election personnel are accustomed to. This solution makes use of the latest technologies that allow electoral authorities to complete counting and canvassing processes in a matter of hours, a task that traditionally took days. The system automates the scanning, counting, consolidation and transmission of the votes, in a secure and traceable manner, reducing the chance of human error, tampering or fraud attempts and increases the integrity of the elections.

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