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By CassieCass523 Dec 13, 2013 1254 Words
My Savior
I have had a rocky start from high school until now, but that still is not initially where the rocky path began. I have had middle school troubles not too much, but just enough. I had to find something to keep me on track. School to fulfill that wasn’t even considered to be an option. The grades I created were all still well. But no teacher could ever give me enough work to distract me from the troubles that led when I went to lunch or nutrition. I can only be held responsible for my actions. I have accomplished many things in my life, other than things that I have to do with school. I did not culminate my 5th grade year because I chose to be obedient, and not listen to my teachers instructions. Even with that I still managed to keep up good grades. 8th grade culmination came up and I did not culminate another time because of behavioral issues, even with my grades being at least still decent, culminating was still not an option for me. Throughout all of my years of schooling I have always been an athlete, but grades never had the possibility of me being stopped from that until I began high school.

My ninth grade year I made a mistake in my life that I today regret, I chose to follow the wrong crowd rather than to do what was best for me. I chose to attend Crenshaw Senior High School one of the most to this day rowdiest schools in Los Angeles ever. I kept up with what I said and played basketball for Crenshaw High. I maintained a higher GPA then what was expected of me in order to play basketball. Basketball season came to an end, and second semester came up. Second semester led to the beginning of my troubles. New kids began Crenshaw and not necessarily some of your ordinary kids but the “gangbanger” kids. I began to hang with the wrong crowd, and want attention from the older kids. 4/20 is the day it seemed that everything in my life took a turn. I went with a close friend of mine not knowing the exact location, but going along for the ride. It came to have been that my friend wanted to become a gangbanger and he had to go through the initiation. I watched as it all happened and how they all treated each other after the events. It was somewhat like a second family to them. I at the time felt like it was cool, it was something that I wanted to take a part in. The initiation would be different for me then what it was for my close friend because I was a girl, so I had to come back another day to get initiated. While that time was passing I was attending school and what they called “claiming”. Claiming to be from a street gang. It got around quick and it got me a lot of attention, so I continued on with it. I continued on with it till I came to my senses, and back to reality. At this time it was a little too late because the initiation was about to come into effect. Girls at school that I have never met but always seen began coming up to me and asking me “where you from?” The beginning of a long road for me and a fighting path. I began fighting so much because of that question Crenshaw had nothing to do but to kick me out for safety reasons. A point in my life where I didn’t know what was going to happen, this being put on my record could stop me from a lot that I hoped to accomplish. Luckily, when I was playing basketball for Crenshaw I caught the eye of a coach that wanted me to play for them, and they gave me a chance to start my high school years over.

With 4 ½ weeks left in a semester, I began Fairfax Senior High School. I wasn’t to new to this school, only because a lot of familiar faces from my middle school went there. My mom thought that me knowing that many people could be not so good as well, but Fairfax was always a school that she wanted me to attend from the beginning. Less trouble and just a better environment overall, except the teachers they were not as finessed as the Crenshaw ones, which to many people was a surprise. I finished out my freshman year at Fairfax but with grades I could or ever wanted to imagine possible for someone like me, that knew could be better. Summer went well and my sophomore year began at Fairfax. Not too long before the year I had started I found myself in trouble, off of a social network. That was bad enough but it was even worse when it was with one of my about to be teammates. The drama just led to a physical altercation that I wasn’t involved in but had something to do with, which led me into another serious point in my life. The choice of Fairfax kicking me out because I was present when the physical altercation occurred and was the source of why it all began. My coach took a stand for me because she seen the amount of potential I had. She called a meeting with my mom and the dean of Fairfax. Which gave me an ultimatum of choosing to get my act together or just them cancelling my opportunity transfer. I chose to get my act together, and amazingly I stuck with that and finished my sophomore year at Fairfax.

Junior year began and I am now an upperclassmen and think I have some kind of seniority over there new freshman. I let that get to my head. Everyone followed me and I was just “that person to know” on campus. 7 weeks into school, and I caused what the school named an “on campus riot” A fight broke out with me and another person and me being who I was on campus just led to the beginning of numerous fights breaking out on campus, because people felt the need to have my back. In the moment I was too caught up in the hype to realize that this would be my last day at Fairfax. I was faced with reality. I was no longer a child and could move from school to school and have a few years left. This was it, if I were to be kicked out for both semesters I would miss what was to the basketball world one of my most important years ever. I couldn’t let that happen, my coach, my savior, talked to the principal and came to a conclusion that I could come back next semester and play basketball. This is when I finally realized I knew why I went to school every day and it was to after all of my classes go to 6th period and play basketball. That is what made me happy, that is what my real savior was. Savior from self-destruction. I am thankful for basketball being brought into my life ever since I was a young child. It has only made me a stronger person and led me from many tragic things in my life. At a point where everything was going bad, the gym playing basketball was my get away.

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