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All About Autism
The rate of autism has gone up dramatically in recent years. “Autism affects every 1 and 88 children” (Wen 1). Some may want to know what autism is, or how they can check their child for symptoms. Possibly thinking of having a child, find out what may increase the risks of having a child with autism. Want to know the differences between an autistic child and a non-autistic child? Or even the likelihood of having a child with autism. Autism is a broad spectrum and effects every child differently.

There is a broad spectrum of autism because each child has different symptoms, or different behaviors that diagnose them as autistic. Autism Spectrum Disorder also known as ASD, is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development (“What is Autism” 1). Most children with ASD have trouble with everyday movements, some have physical health problems, attention difficulties, and even sleep problems. Autism is a developmental disability which is a result of a neurological disorder on normal brain function. It usually presents itself within the first three years of a child’s life (“…What causes Autism” 1). Being “on the spectrum” means that each individual that has autism is unique, where they may have exceptional abilities in visual skills, music, and academic skills (“What is Autism 2). While some autistic children might lack in different aspects of life some have exceptional abilities in math, art, visual skills, or academic skills. A great example of exceptional abilities is the movie Rain Man, in this movie Raymond Babbitt played by Dustin Hoffman had excelled in his memory and he also had the ability of being a “human calculator”. He also had the ability to count hundreds of object that a person without autism would not be able to accomplish.

Each child has different and unique characteristics that define them as autistic. Some kids have social problems, and may seem socially awkward (“…What causes Autism?” 2). When they are talking to a person they may seem offensive. They seem offensive because their brain doesn’t recognize social boundaries. Also, there are some cases where kids are completely uninterested in other people. Many people who do not suffer from autism have a hard time understanding children that have autism because it may seem like they have a funny accent or sound monotone. Most children who have autism generally do not speak at all during their life except a few vowels or sounds of a baby; if their case is severe. If the child does have the ability to speak generally they will only echo words or phrases they hear which is known as echolalia (“What is Autism?” 3). Autistic children like predictability; they like to have routines that they can count on to get them through the day without stress. They may like to do certain actions a certain amount of times or they will simply repeat their behavior over and over until they are satisfied. Some of the children that have autism will have little physical movements that they do that are called tics. Tics can be jerky movements, complicated and take a very long time to finish. Children with ASD say that they have to do their tics or the urge to do it simply will not go away. These tics help them feel expressed, they are enjoyable, and most have a preferred spot where they do their tics (“What causes Autism?” 4).

It might not be easy to tell, but there are little signs when they are a baby that may hint to them having autism. The study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) showed that eye contact during early infancy may lead to an early identification or diagnoses of autism. Also, that loss of eye contact is shown within the first two to six months of life because the child would experience a decline of eye contact (Earliest Marker… 1). When a child is born that has autism they tend to not have the interest in eye contact that other babies without autism do have. This symptom follows them for the rest of...
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