Aup Definition

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Unit 5 Define an AUP

Richman Investments holds requirements for the usage of the company network including filtering polocies for network traffic.

LAN-WAN links the IT infrastructure to a wide are network.
For Security(managers and administrators)
-Security monitoring controls for intrusion.
-All unknown file types, use a email server and attachment antivirus.
-All exterior IP devices will have port scanning, ping and probing disabled.
-Outbound traffic that is using source IP addresses will be denied
-Unknown file types will need file transfer monitoring, scanning and alarming.

Web surfing is the usage of the internet browsing a series of web browsers. For Security(administrators and managers)
-Non work related material may cause loss of productivity from employees.
-At the internet entry/access point, apply filtering for domain name content. Cons for this are that employees will not be able to look up answers on the internet. If they had a question from a customer that they needed to look up on the internet to find the answer to it.

Pros is that restrictions would help prevent from viruses and other security issues as well as keep employees on task. They would not be able to browse the web for fun.

Certain traffic is expressly forbidden:
* No peer-to-peer file sharing or externally reachable file transfer protocol (FTP) servers -------------------------------------------------
* No downloading executable from known software sites
* No unauthorized redistribution of licensed or copy righted material -------------------------------------------------
* No exporting internal software or technical material in violation of export control laws -------------------------------------------------
* No introduction of malicious programs into networks or onto systems -------------------------------------------------
* No accessing...
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