Aunt Poem Literary Response

Topics: Laughter, Gelotology, Joke Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Anna Sidhu
September 26, 2010
Unit 1 – Lesson 1.1 – 1.11 Aunt Poem Literary Response
After reading the poem Aunt by Al Young the inference I can make about the aunt’s personality is that she is not afraid to express her emotions whether those feelings are of happiness or anger, out going, and a generally happy positive person. The reason I know that she is not afraid to express her feelings is from the line in that poem “O & her anger realer than gasoline slung into fire” and “She laughs more than ever in spring stomping the downtowns”. Also I deduce that she is generally happy from the part in the poem “Her face a blur of wrinkles & sunshine where her hard hair shivers from laughter like a pine tree stiff with oil and hot combing”. This verse paints a picture of a woman with laugh lines or wrinkles for me, so from that I can infer that she smiles or laughs a lot. From what I can understand about the narrator the thing admired most about the aunt is that she radiates brightness, positivity, and has an aura that sparkles like the sun. The examples of my interpretation from that poem are “She talks to loud, her face a blur of wrinkles & sunshine”, “People just gotta stand back & take it like they do Easter Sunday when the rainbow she travels on is dry cleaned” , and “Her eyes are diamonds of pure dark space”. By writing the poem “Aunt”, I think what Al Young was trying to achieve was to pay homage to his aunt and wanted people to know a little of what she was like. For example the poem describes her quirks and habits. Such as in the line” bragging about how when she feel like it she gon lose weight & give up smoking one of these sorry days”. I know this from the verse in the poem “the air flying out of them as you look close is only the essence of the living to tell, a full- length woman, an aunt brown and red stalking the years”.
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