Augustan Satire

Topics: John Dryden, Augustan literature, Satire Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: February 4, 2012
Augustan Satire and Dryden
1688-1744 are often referred to as the English Augustan Age. The term ‘Augustan’ is derived from the reign of the roman emperor Augustus wherein the prestige given to literature was noteworthy and therefore the term is often applied to the other epochs in world history when literary culture was high. The English Augustan Age was marked by perfection of letters and learning. The 18th century led to the emergence of classical ideals of taste, polish, common sense and reason. Every age has its leanings. A notable factor in the emergence of a certain sort of literature in a particular time period is that of ‘action and reaction’. The appearance of satire in the 18th English Augustan Age as an emerging writing trend can be understood in relation of literature to the contemporary social arena. The Elizabethan Religious Settlement in 1559 was Elizabeth 1 response to the religious turbulence during the times of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I and thus the already established Anglicanism was further promoted but this religious peace was rather short lived and led to+ the break out of English civil war during the reign of Charles I due to the discord between the puritan parliamentarian and the royalists. From 1629 to 1640 Charles governed England without a parliament. This period is often referred to as Eleven years of tyranny. For seven long years England lived through the political turbulence and finally the parliamentarians emerged victorious in 1649.During these troubled times England was torn asunder by various religious sects each striving for ascendency. But the people of England hoped for a respite now. After restoration of Charles II in 1660 the monarchy and parliament worked peacefully for 25 long years but his successor James II’s blind determination to restore Catholicism finally cost him the crown and he had to flee England in1688. His daughter Mary and William of Orange were finally installed to the British throne and England...
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