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Atticus Finch as a Father

By keziajose May 11, 2013 324 Words
Kezia JoseJanuary 7, 2013
English 9/4Doyle
Atticus: The Father
In Harper Lee’s litereay work, To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch models the perfect parent. Atticus lives in Maycomb County, Alabama alone with his two children, Jeremy (Jem) and Jean-Louise (Scout). Atticus is an only parent since his wife passed away, when Scout was little. Atticus Finch is a good father because he shares a truthful relationship with his kids that will always be treasured. He's also a man of patience and he understands his children. He is their teacher, protector and friend. Most of what Jem and Scout know and do comes from Atticus. He teaches them many important life lessons that can’t be learned from any book. Atticus teaches Scout that is no one ever understands a person well, until you look at this from their point of view (30). This shows a special bond between him and his kids, and that is that they respect his as a father and they value his opinion and advices. Atticus also teaches his hid that killing mockingbirds are sin because they don’t do anything to hurt anyone in this world (90). This advice can be taken literally, as in don’t kill a mockingbird or as in when we hurt things that do no harm to us, we are the ones who are doing a sin. An example of Atticus following his own belief is when Atticus stands up for Tom Robinson. Atticus believes that Tom Robinson is innocent in the case for raping Mayella Ewell and Atticus defends him. Atticus does this because he is a parent who knows that if he says things and he himself doesn’t follow it, then why should his children. Atticus treats his children like adults. He teaches them small morals which have big meanings to it. He is a great parent because he is not only their father, but he is also their friend.

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