Attempted Murder

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Attempted Murder
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This memo will define murder, the elements of murder and will include what is required to convict someone to attempt to commit murder. I will also discuss whether the client Mr. Assin has committed this crime and will explain why or why he has not committed the crime.

To: Attorney Cheatham
From: Name, Student Intern
Re: Attempt to commit murder in the first degree
Mr. G. Itly Assin has been arrested and charged with attempt to commit murder in the first degree. Mr. Assin’s story begins with him sitting in a restaurant when a woman walks over to him and sits down. She proceeds to tell him that her name is Sally and then asks Mr. Assin if he is available followed by a wink. Because Mr. Assin has been single for two years he reply’s yes and winks back. The waiter then comes and Sally orders a dry martini with three olives and Mr. Assin says he will take the same. Before the waiter can return with their drinks Sally said she needed to use the powder room and after getting up to leave she slides an envelope under Mr. Assin’s water glass. After that he is being arrested. Mr. Assin claims to be innocent. The police said they had been following Sally who has been searching for someone to murder her husband. She expected she would be meeting a man she met in an Internet chat room and she would pay this man five thousand dollars to kill her husband but she had been talking to an undercover police officer the whole time. Sally was supposed to ask this undercover police officer if he was available and wink and the police officer was supposed to reply yes and wink back. After that Sally was supposed to then order a dry martini with three olives after which the undercover officer would do the same thing. Sally was unaware that she had picked the wrong man at the restaurant and therefore Mr. Assin was charged with attempt to commit murder in the first degree....

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