Atom and Hydrogen Is1s1

Topics: Atom, Electron configuration, Hydrogen Pages: 2 (117 words) Published: December 3, 2014

The Origin of Hydrogen is from England and means ‘water generator’. The Symbol for Hydrogen is H.
The atomic number for Hydrogen 1.
The atomic mass for Hydrogen is 1.00794.
Hydrogen is in group 1.
The electron configuration for hydrogen is1s1.
Hydrogen has 1valence electrons.
Hydrogen is colorless.
Hydrogen is texture less.
Hydrogen has a metallic form.
Hydrogen is texture less.
Hydrogen has a metallic form.
Hydrogens melting point is 434.5 degrees F.
The density of Hydrogen is 0.08988 g/L.
It is possible for Hydrogen to conduct electricity.
Hydrogen was discovered in 1766.
You can use hydrogen for methanol production.
Boon, Edric. "Uses of Hydrogen." Edric Boon, 2014. Web. - Aug. 2014. .
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