Athletes Are Negative Role Models for Society

Topics: Sociology, Professional sports, Amateur sports Pages: 7 (3027 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Athletes Are Negative Role Models for Society

It seems that a day cannot go by without us either picking up a paper or listening to the evening news and there is a story surrounding a predominant athlete that has somehow gotten themselves in trouble with the law. These are the same people we glamorize night in and out on the stage in which they perform. Sport Center gives us all their individual accolades along with astonishing highlights. They’re obviously really good at what they do. Should parents today recognize where appreciation for the athlete ends on the court or field, and tell their kids that these athletes should not be looked at as role models? A role model is defined as a person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral social role for another to emulate. Geoff Griffin says that: Athletes are there to play sports, nothing more nothing less. We can enjoy and envy all they do on the playing field but that’s where the idolization should stop. Parents and those that are close around one person are their true role models (Griffin). Good role models are ones that are leaders, have a great work ethic, and good morals for everyday things. Maybe society needs to enforce the idea that their children need to look up to other individuals and not put the burden on the athletes because it doesn’t look like they’re displaying the right things. A reporter on makes you really think by saying: The specifics behind the relentless parade of NFL behavior cases -- illegal gun possession, drunk driving, and sexual harassment -- are all serious issues in their own right. Taken together they illustrate the underlying problem, which is that these players, regardless of background or circumstances, are a bunch of arrogant clowns who think they can do anything they want and get away with it (

This really lays it out that athletes may in fact display exactly the opposite of being good role models, and these just states professionals in the National Football League! A really big thing to keep in mind is how much people admire professional sports, and how almost every little thing that these players do are documented by the media for every kid to see and feel like it’s all right to do just because the athlete does it. “Many kids look beyond the homegrown - they're aspiring to make something of their lives and turn to the athletes. Once we look to this realm of "famous" people, what choices have kids got” (Barzeski)? Although at first you could easily make sense of this statement but if you really think about it there are plenty of other role models that kids can look at. What about teachers or doctors? Kids in society often times look at what profession is the easiest but in all reality don’t get that you have to work in life, and life is hard work for most working people. The next subject is athletes on the field of play because this is when they are really watched the most, and how they conduct themselves while playing says a lot about how they really conduct themselves everywhere else. A big thing that spectators look at is the appearance of the athletes. If athletes were really trying to give out a good message would they have revealing tattoos all over there body for the world to see? “Over 70% of the NBA players have tattoo’s (” As a lot of people know most professions do not except tattoos. They are a personal thing and these are fine to have if you are in a career that excepts it but what a lot of kids don’t get is most of them don’t end up making it to the pros. A survey named “The Hartford Financial Game Plan Survey” said that “approximately less than 2 percent of basketball or football student athletes go pro.” ( A lot of time kids get tattoos at an early age because they want to be like there so called “role models”, but when it’s time for them to pick a career it in a lot of cases is going to make it a lot harder for them with...
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