Assimilation the Risk of Losing Culture and Identity

Topics: Black people, Race, Human skin color Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: September 17, 2008
Blacks should not assimilate with the popular dominant culture but instead maintain their own sense of cultural heritage. The black person who makes the choice to integrate into the dominating culture really must be honest with his or her self and admit that all their pronouncements of concern for the welfare of the black community take a backseat to their personal desire to assimilate. These black people are more of a role model to other black people on how to assimilate or integrate into the colorless and racially generic whole of American culture that just so happens to be controlled and dominated from the white community. Although it may sound wonderful to hear someone say that they don’t notice people’s skin color, reality says that people notice color all the time. The pressure placed on blacks by the dominant culture forces them to move toward assimilation hooks urges. bell hooks states that “One of the most tragic manifestations of the pressure black people feel to assimilate is expressed in the internalization of racist perspectives” (227). Young blacks need to realize that conforming to the dominant culture is not necessary to exist within it. hooks says that “It is crucial that those among us who resist and rebel, who survive and succeed, speak openly and honestly about our lives and the nature of our personal struggles” (221). In order to resist assimilation black people as a hold need to be more open and honest about the struggles that take place striving for education and success, those who have blazed the trail need to reach back and help those striving to get there. An excellent job is done by hooks in getting the point across about assimilations effects, and also gives those who have chosen to assimilate something to think about, what cost is one willing to pay, is one willing to break family ties and friendship because of the pressure from the dominant culture to assimilate. The pressures of trying to maintain family and community ties and...

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Bell Hooks (2000), Where We Stand: Class Matters, By Routledge
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