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Topics: Communication, Understanding, Knowledge Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 28, 2014

Think about a misunderstanding you have experienced with another person at work, school, or in a health care environment. Write your answers in paragraph form.

1.Briefly describe the misunderstanding, including the setting and the people involved. I was just starting out working as getting my clinical hours and I remember looking at my patients care plan and I didn’t see anything about this particular patient being a DNR = Do Not Resuscitate and I went into the patients room to check on this man and I realize that he isn’t breathing and I called the nurse as quick as I could and I went into the room and was about to start chest compression and as I was about to start I heard the nurse shouting at me don’t touch him. The nurse didn’t do anything as well I was upset because I was under the impression that we suppose to do everything in our power to keep these patients alive. Me and the nurse argued because I didn’t see the DNR on the man’s chart and as I sat down with the charge nurse she showed me where it was located.

2.Complete the following table with information from your described misunderstanding.

Who was the sender?The nurse
Who was the receiver?I was the receiver
What was the message?Do not attempt to revive him
What channel was used to send the message?The nurse shouted at me but it was on the care plan I just didn’t read it right What was the misunderstanding?There was a man dying and I wanted to revive him but we was instructed not to revive him How could you have avoided the misunderstanding?I should have called someone over to help me better understand the care plan but I believed that I had a good understanding of the care plan

3.The perception model in Ch. 2 of Communicating in the Workplace shows that prior knowledge and experiences combine with your psychological state to shape your subjective reality. What was your perception going into the situation? How did your perception of the...
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