Assignment: Accounting for Decision Making

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MAA103 & MAAP103 - Accounting for Decision Making ASSIGNMENT – TRIMESTER ONE, 2013 (Relates to Topic 4)

Represents 20% of the assessment for this unit DUE DATE: ASSIGNMENT PLANNER VIA MIBT PORTAL AND HARDCOPY: TUESDAY 9 April, 2013 BY 5.00pm FINAL ASSIGNMENT VIA MIBT PORTAL AND HARDCOPY: TUESDAY 7 May, 2013 BY 5.00pm NOTE the following general submission points:

1. Assignment MUST be completed in groups of no more than THREE students. Students CAN NOT complete assignment with students from other lecturers classes. All students MUST submit an electronic copy of the assignment planner and the final assignment through MOODLE (using the ‘Assignment Submission Link’) on the MIBT PORTAL. All group members’ names must be clearly stated on the cover page of the assignment for all electronic and hard copy lodgments. Please refer to instructions file uploaded on the portal (under ‘MOODLE’ – ‘Week 1’) on how to submit MAA103/MAAP103 assignment planner and final assignment electronically through MOODLE. Online submission should be in one file. That is, all parts of the assignment must be combined into one word processing file. Save and name file as your student MIBT ID. NUMBER.


MAA103 – Accounting for Decision Making

NOTE the following general submission points continued:
3. Only ONE HARDCOPY of assignment planner and final assignment per group is to be submitted. You MUST include an ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET only for your hard copy version of your final assignment with all names included. Each student must submit a separate Assignment Cover Sheet with the HARDCOPY of their final assignment. If an assignment cover sheet is not attached NO MARKS will be given. Additionally, ONE copy of the Assignment Mark Sheet (attached on page 9 of this assignment) must also be submitted with your assignment. Do NOT submit assignment in a plastic folder or plastic pocket. 4. This assignment consists of TWO components - an assignment planner AND final assignment: both components must be completed. Submission of your Assignment Planner will carry two (2) marks which will be awarded with the final assignment submission (see page 4 for requirements) 5. THE ASSIGNMENT PLANNER AND FINAL ASSIGNMENT MUST BE TYPED. The final assignment must be SINGLE SIDED, using Arial 12 font size, properly referenced and ideally 1.5 line spacing (refer to ‘Guide to assignment writing and referencing booklet) and include a REFERENCE LIST (minimum of 6 references should be used) in alphabetical order outlining the textbook(s) and any articles, electronic sources etc. used. The Harvard style should be used for referencing and citations. Marks will be deducted if your work is not properly referenced or a reference list not attached. Read and adhere to the Assignment Submission and Plagiarism Notice on page 6 of your unit outline carefully.

If students are found copying from other students or using a previous trimester’s assignment to complete this assignment then a ZERO result will be awarded.

6. Hardcopy of assignments should be placed in your lecturer’s pigeon hole located in building la on level 4 MIBT (next to room la4.111) by the due date. 7. Word limit for report is 2000 words minimum to 2500 words maximum (word limit excludes reference list and appendices). NOTE: Assignments submitted late and without prior approval will be penalised. A penalty of 10% of the available marks will be deducted for every day the assignment is late. Assignments received after a week, and without approved extension, will not be marked. These will be held until final grading and may be taken into consideration in a pass/fail situation. Please note that, an extension will only be given by the Unit Coordinator/lecturer and must be requested at least 48 hours prior to submission date.

Please read checklist guidelines on page 8 of this document. Trimester 1, 2013 Page 2

MAA103 – Accounting for Decision Making

Final Assignment requirements:
2000 words minimum to 2500...
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