Assignment 4 Department Of Labor Case Study HRM 533

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To Organize or Not to Organize?
Alvis Jackson
Total Rewards-HRM 533
October 27, 2014
Dr. Jennifer Young

Abstract Blue Plate Mayonnaise was the first commercially prepared mayonnaise in the country. In 1927- Wesson-Snowdrift Oil Company, saw a way to use their soybean oil and supply the South with high-quality mayonnaise product. After all, those po-boys, tomato sandwiches, and salads need something to hold them together. In 1929-Blue Plate Foods, Inc. is founded as a subsidiary of Wesson-Snowdrift and mayo production begins in Gretna, Louisiana. In 1941-Blue Plate moves across the Mississippi River to Mid-City New Orleans. The company builds as ultramodern, three-story building made of concrete. In 1974, Mr. William B. Riley III acquires Blue Plate Foods from Hunt-Wesson Foods and returns it to its beloved homeland Louisiana. This paper will create reason for the employees to look into union activity. This paper give benefits for organizing the union. This paper will create a mission, purpose and objective statement for strategic plan to organize a union group. This paper will outline components need to start a union. Determine a timeline for the component to be put into place. The paper will give objection to this union from the management team.

1) Create a scenario of the specific working conditions that has prompted the attention of employees. As organizations seek to use resources both efficiently and effectively there will be inevitable tension between ownership and employees (Holley, 2012). While working in the Blue Plate plant the employees started to notice unfair practices within the organization. The employees notice that no women were being promoted into leadership positions within the company. The employees were not be paid adequate overtime wages for extra hours worked. The employees do not have adequate time between shifts to rest for safety issues. The employees do not have benefits or job security. With these things in

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