Assessment Task 1 Identify Marketing Opportunities

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Assessment Task 1 Identify Marketing Opportunities

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Executive Summary
BBQ fun will be the leading outdoor-lifestyle retailer, catering to the growing need for furnishing new and renovated dwellings in the greater Brisbane area. The assortment offer of BBQ, outdoor furniture and BBQ accessories will position BBQfun as best in class for outdoor-lifestyle retailing. BBQfun will reinvent the way people shop for outdoor-lifestyle products. BBQfun will build its reputation on offering the fullest assortment of products possible in our chosen fields, incorporating both local and imported goods with products possible in our chosen fields, incorporating both local and imported goods with products sold on easy to manage long-term payment plans. Our after sales service and three-year guarantees will find traction with a market dominated by low-quality items. 1. (a) To identify opportunities, analyse information on your chosen organisation’s market and business needs BBQfun is providing its customers with a wide selection of merchandise in its chosen field. BBQfun seeks to fulfil the following benefits that are important to their customers. * Selection: A wide choice of options.

* Accessibility: The patron can gain easy access to the store with minimal wait. * Customer service: The patron will be impressed with the after sales service and guarantees. * Competitive pricing: All products/services will be competitively priced relative to comparable high-end outdoor-lifestyle lines.

1. (b) Comparative Market Information
In 2008, the national outdoor-lifestyle market reached $300 million dollars. Outdoor-lifestyle sales are estimated to grow by at least 6% for the next few years. This growth can be attributed to several different factors. The greater disposable household income from the two income families, the greater availability of affordable and interesting quality imports with the high value of the Australian dollar and the marketing by popular TV shows like Homes Beautiful and Better Outdoor-lifestyles. 1. (c) Competitors performance

National Competition:
The Yard: has limited selection but significant depth. All Australian made. No significant marketing or promotion. The price point is high, but the quality of products is quite good. Not in Brisbane. Mostly in Sydney and Melbourne. BBQ’s R Us: Broad range of outdoor-lifestyle products including trinkets and furnishings. Lots of cheap imports. Concentrating on estabilshed markets. Strong in the replacements segment. Local competitor:

All independents: these stores are own by individual owner operators. Ranges vary according to owner preferences. Very little imports. Mostly retailing Australia manufactured goods. Collectively their average item sale price is $250, have a market share of 48%, and are growing at about 8% per year. 1. (d) Customer requirements

BBQ fun mission is to provide customer with the most extensive assortment of quality out door lifestyle product available in the market .our after sales service is second to none supported by our easy to manage long term repayment plans which make unique imported and high quality outdoor lifestyle customer wishing to purchase product that give our customer s pride in their homes. Our service will exceed the expectations. 1. (e) Legal and ethical requirements

All sort of media are bound by ethical and legal values but some times people who use these medias don’t meet legal and ethical requirements. Issues in the ethics of entertainment media include:
* The depiction of violence and sex, and the presence of strong language. Ethical guidelines and legislation in this area are common and many media (e.g. film, computer games) are subject to ratings systems and supervision by agencies. An extensive guide to international systems of enforcement can be found under motion picture rating system....
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