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Theory assessment No:1Written by Tejal Patel
Explain the function of assessment in learning and development relating them to the assessment cycle. Initial assessment in identifying learner needs
Initial assessment is essential in order to establish the knowledge and skills that the student already possesses. This is the first step of the assessment cycle. There are various methods in order to gain this information, such as: A skills scan

Diagnostic assessments (Literacy and numeracy tests)
Self-assessment exercises
Group discussion
One-to-one with tutor/assessor
Games and practical activities
Quiz and questionnaires
From these exercises we can establish the level at which the learner is at, any special assessment arrangements, exam concessions, learning styles, specific subject knowledge or any training they may need. We can also identify special educational needs such as Dyslexia hence this can be accommodated within lesson planning. This also applies to any other information gained. Lesson plans are tailored to meet the needs of the learners therefore a student that has a preference for visual learning could produce a poster/leaflet instead of paragraphed answers. Formative assessment in tracking leaner progress

Formative assessment is initial and ongoing. These types of assessments enable the assessor to monitor and track a learner’s progress throughout the academic period. Formative assessment can be conducted via a number of methods: Quiz

Completion of exercise
Thumbs up
Quick nod
Traffic light cards
Above are just a few of the many formative assessment methods. These methods can be planned within a lesson dependant on what information is to be gained from the learner. Traffic light cards are a great method of assessment. It can be used a number of times in just one lesson and is excellent in mini-plenaries and a final plenary. Summative assessment in assessing learner achievement

Summative assessment is a summary of...
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