Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Formative assessment Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Assessments are fundamental to monitoring the rate of the students' learning. Without assessments, there would be no way of checking the progress of both the learners and the teacher and also the learners would have no or little motivation is they would be presented with little in the way of a challenge.

One assessment method that should always be used is the Initial Assessment. The initial assessment helps to provide information needed to determine a learner's starting point before any lessons have taken place. The initial assessment is the benchmark from which every learner's progress can be measured. Measurable tasks are important because progress can be monitored easily whereas, if the tasks given to the learners are not measurable then monitoring progress becomes more of an estimate or based on personal opinion. Some techniques that could be used as the initial assessment could include; self assessment exercises where the learner can monitor their own progress and perform self- reflective tasks, group discussions, tutor observations, games and practical activities, quizzes and questionnaires or a one- to- one discussion with the tutor. These assessments should be based on low stress, high challenge so that the learning environment is at its optimum level. Initial assessment should be done with the assistance of the learners rather than be done to them. Its aim is to benefit the learners and help them feel positive about themselves and aids their potential to learn.

Another assessment that must be used in successful teaching is the Formative Assessment. This takes place during the course and helps to tell the student how the learning is proceeding and informs the teacher about the success of the teaching. Some techniques include; projects, essays, assignments, kinaesthetic assessments (practicals), question and answer sessions, self assessments and peer assessments.The formative assessment is a natural part of the learning process and should be made...
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