assembly language

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Assembly language
Intermediate-level programming language which is higher (is easier to use buy runs slower) than machine language and lower (is more difficult to use but runs faster) than a high-level language such as Basic, FORTRAN, or Java. Programs written in assembly language are converted into machine language by specialized programs called assemblers or compilers for their execution by the machine (computer). Term

A programming language that is once removed from a computer's machine language. Machine languages consist entirely of numbers and are almost impossible for humans to read and write. Assembly languages have the same structure and set of commands as machine languages, but they enable a programmer to use names instead of numbers. Each type of CPU has its own machine language and assembly language, so an assembly language program written for one type of CPU won't run on another. In the early days of programming, all programs were written in assembly language. Now, most programs are written in a high-level language such as FORTRAN or C. Programmers still use assembly language when speed is essential or when they need to perform an operation that isn't possible in a high-level language. Advantages Assembly Language

The symbolic programming of Assembly Language is easier to understand and saves a lot of time and effort of the programmer. It is easier to correct errors and modify program instructions. Assembly language has the same efficiency of execution as the machine level language. Because this is one-to-one translator between assembly language program and its corresponding machine language program.Disadvantage Assembly Language One of the major disadvantages is that assembly language is machine dependent. A program written for one computer might not run in other computers with different hardware configuration. Macros

Marco provide short-hand for assembly programmers. The most common macro feature is the substitution macro. This...
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