Topics: Sociology, Poverty, Feudalism Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Social evils are the bad habits or activities that take root in the society andcause harm not only to the person who is involved in these activities but alsothe people who are related to him or live around him.Pakistan is a developing country characterized by rising poverty which is saidto be the mother of all evils but apart from that there are social trends,customs, norms and practices are more harmful for the mankind than thepoverty related issues. Let’s discuss both briefly:Poverty leads towards a gap between poor and rich and this gap get widenand the poor becomes poorer and rich, richer. This situation leads the poorpeople towards frustration and to get normal they harm their own self orsometimes society. Thus, this frustration leads the young people towards theaddiction of drugs or crimes. They start smuggling, commit thefts to snatchtheir so called right and this leads towards societal insecurity and safetyproblems. People are killed and robbed and the concept of welfare state isdestroyed. Moreover, pressure of rising inflation and the social inequality,where people see their fellow citizens using luxuries lead poor people towardthe evil of bribery which is common feature of the public sector offices inPakistan. This increases the greed of the people taking bribery and the wholemachinery of the public administration get corrupted which is the case inPakistan. The frustrated people seek refuge under the shelter of drugs andthe healthy nation get close towards the doom of destruction. This situationis very much common in Pakistan where unemployment is on the peak andwithout reference or bribery the good jobs cannot be secured and the tiredand frustrated educated representative of the young nation starts takingdrugs. This story do not ends here. The children are abolished to go to schooland are forced to work for their livelihood. The work conditions and wagerates for such children...
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