•as Our Civilization Is Developing, People Become More and More Dependent on Computers.

Topics: Human, Thought, Computer Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: August 13, 2011
I think that we can depend on the computer for certain things like the sending of messages, controlling trains etc. If we can use no drivers to control vehicles, then trains can have a less chance of crashing because they will follow a route that is stetted. Anyway, without a need for humans for these things, we can use manpower for a better purpose like building buildings, fixing the computers etc that computers cannot do. The need for humans to reproduce more will also decrease. We can also save time by sending messages faster, look for information faster etc. This way, when an important message needs to be sent, it can immediately reach the other end of the world. Sadly, messages can be intercepted on the computer like in real life. So since they can be intercepted, there is no change in the safety of the message. But this time, if a message has reached the other end, it still can be stolen if someone hacks into your account. Even worse, if someone hacks into your account, the person can send false messages about you and ruin your reputation. But if we use the computers for things like playing only, then that will be wrong. We can play the games on the computer when we are free but not all the time. If we do, then we might get addicted and the main purpose of the computer would be defeated. Depending on computer have both positives and negatives. Computer is being used in all the fields very widely. Human beings are dependent on computers in today scenario. It consists of positives like reserving tickets from home instead of waiting in a queue. Similarly it is also being used in all industries for many purposes, but it also contains negatives like it reduces man power and makes the human lazy and more usage of computer may spoil human health as well. I conclude that the computer must be used worldwide but within a limit. Though it is good in depending on computers, it has its equal and opposite disadvantages. The person who is developing the application is...
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