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Impact of Computers on Society

By lindseymarie7 Feb 20, 2013 825 Words
The Impact of Computers in Society
Everyone knows that this is the age of computer and vast majority of people are using computer. Development of science and technology has direct effect on our daily life as well as in our social life. Computer technology has made communication possible from one part of the world to the other in seconds. They can see the transactions in one part of the world while staying in the other part. Computer development is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century. Computers are used in various fields as well as in teaching and learning. Computers are complex electronic devices. They can perform many operations at once, and make our daily lives easier. Almost every home, office, or school has a computer of some kind these days. It may seem at first that having a computer brings only benefits, but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantages. There are many pros and cons about computers (and technology in general).

First of all computers are very useful at school. It helps students study for upcoming tests and makes subjects more interesting to learn about. Students can also learn new vocabulary and grammar. Furthermore it allows students to become familiar with operating a computer and gain basic computer skills. Many modern day jobs involve using a computer in one way or another. Also more people can save their valuable time by using computers. This is especially beneficial in the workplace where employees can do their work faster than they ever could before. In addition, storing information on a computer is one of the most efficient ways of keeping data. One flash drive, for example, can hold the same amount of information as numerous books. People can also communicate with other computer owners through the internet, which now offers everything from shopping to “video chatting” with a person in another country.

On the other hand many jobs have been lost due to the fact that a single computer can do a lot of tasks more efficiently and cheaper than humans. This has led to high unemployment rates in many countries. The internet is also full of harmful materials; especially for kids. Some websites are not designed for educational purposes but for profit-gaining aims. There are even children who are so “addicted” to online gaming that they spend almost all day sitting before in front of a computer screen. As a result they do poorly at school. Also, a computer is just a machine; it can’t completely replace humans so you are unlikely to find 'moral support' from chatting with strang people on the net.Besides, people tend to tell lies to their chatter. Also, if kids are left unsupervised they would spend all of their time playing games on the computer rather than using it for educational purposes. Furthermore computer usage can also take an emotional toll on people. When some people work from home on the computer are far more likely to feel cut off from the rest of the world. If children are sitting in front of the screen all day, they do not learn to share, wait their turn, or even something as simple as manners. Moreover children might be using the internet to access pornographic material. Children are also easy targets for sexual offenders who chat online with them and then make plans to meet them or slowly obtain information about them. Also frequent and prolonged computer session may pose physical health. One example of a health hazard could be a bad back.

Pretty much everyone relies on a computer one way or another nowadays. These complex electronic devices can help us throughout our daily lives….but they can also hurt. They pose physical and mental/emotional threats if you spend too much time glued to your computer or similar device. There are pros and cons of computer usage. You can communicate with someone in England while you’re laying in bed on your laptop in your pajamas. It can also hurt us just as much as it helps. If you go on one “suspicious” website and your computer could be infected with a deadly virus and mess up your computer or you could lose all of your personal data, like financial information. What you see depends on who you are and exactly how you see it.

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