Artificial Insimination

Topics: Reproduction, Reproductive system, Artificial insemination Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Dear farmer Stan:
I am so happy to hear you are taking on such a fantastic task and would be thrilled to help and inform you of the proper specifications to introduce artificial insemination into your farm. Such important requirements to have a successful outcome would be, herd identification, nutrition, heat detection, sire selection, proper facilities, A.I. equipment, semen storage and insemination procedures. Also, I will go into detail on the female reproductive system to help you better understand the subject you are working with to become familiar with it. First, I will point out a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial insemination. An advantage of artificial insemination is faster genetic process meaning the genetics of the sire have been tested and proven for the best breeding. The next advantage is control of diseases. The risk of the sire or dam coming in contact with each other and spreading diseases is eliminated. Another advantage is that it makes the pregnancy a little easier and more convenient. The record keeping is specific because you know the exact date of the conception. This puts everything on a schedule and helps prepare for a healthier pregnancy. Now I will explain some of the disadvantages to contrast with the advantages, so you can fully understand both sides. Artificial insemination requires a lot of responsibility and dedication to get the job done. Artificial insemination depends on management to run smoothly and planned. If you don't have good management when planning for artificial insemination, the littlest mistake could jeopardize conception. Another one is, trained individuals with the knowledge of the dam and her biology, the sire and his semen and all the specifications are needed to make this process work. The weakest link sets the level of success for the operation. For artificial insemination, an important detail is herd identification. This is important for easily identifying each...
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