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The productivity of a company is strongly related to its people and its strategies. The Employees bring along a wide range of qualifications, abilities and knowledge, which might as well be useless to the company needs. Some of them identify with the company and are motivated in helping reaching goals, while others see the company as a vehicle meant to satisfy their own targets.

This paper touches upon the importance of retention of the employees and human capital investment. This paper will highlight the impact of these issues based on the employee’s performance, motivation and the ultimate benefit for the organization. This discussion paper is based on a research conducted in “Telecommunication sector in Pakistan” Impact of training on employee performance and an academic journal on “Impact of employee retention on performance.”

During my research I have found that organizations invest a huge capital on employee development, but due to transfer or termination of the trained staff after the training the organization could not get the return on their investment. This is because of a poor retention system of the organization. With this if those who are already employed leave the organization in high numbers the organization will suffer in response.

In order to increase the productivity of the organization it is important to have an efficient labor force. Efficient labors need to create by the organization by providing them the relevant trainings they require. Thus training involves changing skills, knowledge, attitude, or behavior. Determination of the organization need, the work to be done and the skill necessary to complete this work, training program should naturally.

A proper system of training and learning is important for the human resource development. The learning and enhancement of knowledge of the labors creates a healthy and productive labor force. If this is proper managed by the HR then the retention of these skilled training staff will be motivated and loyal toward the organization.

1- Summarization of the Academic Journal 1

1.1 Impact of training on employee performance

This research was conducted in the telecommunication sector of in Pakistan among among the employees of five telecom companies. This was a 360 study; the information was extracted through questionnaires which were distributed among the employees. It has been observed that most organizations meet their needs for training in an ad hoc and haphazard way while others set about identifying their training needs, then design training activities in a rational manner and finally assess the results of training.

The study concludes that if organizations invest in right type of employee training it can enhance employee performance as well as competencies and skills. In addition, training is seen as a useful means of coping with changes fostered by technological innovation; market competition, organizational structuring and most importantly it plays a key role to enhance employee performance.

A complementary relationship was found between receiving informal training and receiving on-the-job or off-the-job training. Training generates benefits for the employee as well as for the organization by positively influencing employee performance through the development of employee knowledge, skills, ability, competencies and behavior (April, 2010). Organizations that are dedicated to generating profits for its owners, providing quality service to its customers and beneficiaries, invest in the training of its employees. The more highly motivated a trainee, the more quickly and systematically a new skill or knowledge is acquired. That is why training should be related to money, job promotion, and recognition etc, i.e. something which the trainee desires (Flippo, 1976).

There are four prerequisites for learning:
Motivation comes first. Cue is the second requirement. The learner can recognize...
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